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At-a-Glance Schedule – Thursday, October 5

8:00a – 9:00a

Welcome & Plenary Session
Gerald J. Hahn Achievement Award

Effective Statistical Power
Julia O’Neill, Direxa Consulting LLC
Oak Forest

Hannover III

Governors I

Governors II

9:15a – 10:00a

1A: Novel Topics in Statistics
 Statistics in the knowledge Economy
David Banks, Duke University

Moderator: Arman Sabbaghi

1B: Order of Addition Experiments
Order of Addition Experiments: Design and Analysis
Dennis Lin, Purdue University

Moderator: John Stufken

1C: Case Studies
Case Study: Teaching Engineers Thermodynamics to Monitor Engine Performances
Eric Bae, Virginia Tech

Moderator: Steve Rigdon

10:30a – 12:00p

2A: Innovations with Gaussian Processes

Entropy-based Adaptive Design for Contour Finding and Estimating Reliability
Robert Gramacy, Virginia Tech

Sequential Design for Contour Location with Deep Gaussian Process Surrogates
Annie Booth, North Carolina State University

Moderator: Jon Stallrich

2B: Supersaturated Designs

If you have to use a Supersaturated Design …
John Stufken, George Mason University

Design Selection for Multi- and Mixed-level Supersaturated Designs
Rakhi Singh, Binghamton University

Moderator: Caleb King

2C: Technometrics
Invited Session

Deep Gaussian Process Emulation using Stochastic Imputation
Deyu Ming, University College London

A Sharper Computational Tool for L2E Regression 
Xiaoqian Liu,  University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Moderator: Arman Sabbaghi



Tess-celestial: Immersive Science Approach to Mathematics
Radmila Sazdanovic, North Carolina State University
Oak Forest

Moderator: Stephanie DeHart

2:00p – 3:30p

3ASTAT Invited Session

Experiences with Developing and Operating a Design of Experiments MOOC
Douglas Montgomery, Arizona State University

Expanding Access to Graduate Education in Analytics & Data Science: Behind the Scenes at Georgia Tech’s Online Masters Program
Joel Sokol, Georgia Tech

Moderator: Mindy Hotchkiss

3B:Orthogonal Designs 

Broadening the spectrum of OMARS designs
Peter Goos, University of Leuven

A Family of Orthogonal Main Effects Screening Designs for Mixed Level Factors

Bradley Jones, JMP

Moderator: Dennis Lin

3C: Reliability Modeling

Predictive Resilience Modeling
Lance Fiondella, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Semi-destructive Gage R&R: De-confounding variance components in systems with predictable degradation
Douglas Gorman, BD

Moderator: Arman Sabbaghi

4:00p – 5:00p

W. J. Youden Address

DOE Software: Time for a Revolution?
Peter Goos
Oak Forest

Moderator: Caleb King

At-a-Glance Schedule – Friday, October 6

Hannover III

Governors I Governors II
8:00a – 9:30a

4AQ&P Invited Session

HODOR: A Two-stage Hold-out Design for Online Controlled Experiments on Networks
Jonathan Stallrich, North Carolina State University

Monitoring Time-Varying Networks with Principal Component Network Representations
James Wilson, University of San Francisco

Moderator: Jennifer Van Mullekom

4B: CPID Invited Session

County-Level Surveillance of COVID Counts
Steven E. Rigdon, Saint Louis University

Empirical Calibration for a Nonparametric Lower Tolerance Bound
Caleb King, JMP

Moderator: Yili Hong

4C: JQT Invited Session

Constructing Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data Using an Exhaustive Systematic Samples Pooled Variance Estimator
Scott Grimshaw, Brigham Young University

Augmenting Definitive Screening Designs: Going Outside the box
Robert Mee, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Moderator: Allison Jones-Farmer

10:00a – 11:30a

5ASPES Invited Session

PERCEPT: a New Online Change-point Detection Method Using Topological Data Analysis
Simon Mak, Duke University

Statistical Approaches for Testing and Evaluating Foundation Models
Giri Gopalan, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Moderator: Arman Sabbaghi

5B: Design and Analysis of Experiments

Practical Design Strategies for Robust Nonlinear Statistical Modelling
Timothy E. O’Brien, Loyola University of Chicago

Entropy-Driven Design of Sensitivity Experiments
David M. Steinberg, Tel Aviv University

Moderator: Jon Stallrich

5C: QE Invited Session

Problem Framing: Essential to Successful Statistical Engineering Applications
Roger Hoerl, Union College

Testing the Prediction Profiler with Disallowed Combinations—A Statistical Engineering Case Study
Yeng Saanchi, North Carolina State University

Moderator: Allison Jones-Farmer



From the Foundations of Quality Management to the Future: Quality Science, Data Science, and Implementation Science
A. Blanton Godfrey, North Carolina State University
Oak Forest

Moderator: Steven Scheulka

1:30p – 3:00p

6A: Experimental Design in Practice

Multi-criteria Evaluation and Selection of Experimental Designs from a Catalog
Mohammed Saif Ismail Hameed, University of Leuven

Experiments in Time and Space
Mindy Hotchkiss, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Moderator: Rakhi Singh

6B: Machine Learning

Multi-layer Sliced Designs with Application in AI Assurance
Qing Guo, Virginia Tech

Planning Reliability Assurance Tests for Autonomous Vehicles
Simin Zheng, Virginia Tech

Moderator: Simon Mak

6C: Analytics

Assessing Variable Activity for Bayesian Regression Trees
Akira Horiguchi, Duke University

The Effectiveness and Flexibility of a Predictive Distribution Approach to Process Optimization with Multiple Responses
John Peterson, PDQ Research and Consulting

Moderator: Annie Booth

3:15p – 5:15p

Reception, followed by SPES Special Session:

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Technologies On Quality and Statistics
Panelists: Simon Mak and David Banks, Duke University and
Annie Booth and Alyson Wilson, North Carolina State University

Oak Forest

Moderator: Arman Sabbaghi

The SPES Special Session Panelists and Moderator

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