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At-a-Glance Schedule – Thursday, October 13

8:00a – 9:00a

Welcome & Plenary Session
Gerald J. Hahn Achievement Award

Statistical Influence
Peter Parker, NASA Langley
Prospector 3 & 4

Prospector 2

Prospector 1

Silver Mine B

9:15a – 10:00a

1A: Profile Monitoring
A Non-linear Mixed Model Approach for Detecting Outlying Profiles
Valeria Quevedo, Universidad de Piura

Moderator: James Lucas

1B: Staggered DOE
A Staggered-Level Design Case Study: Staple Fiber Cutting Experiment
Peter Goos, KU Leuven
Katherine Brickey, Pfizer

Moderator: Anne Driscoll

1C: Text Mining
Statistical Tools for Survey Data: A Case Study of a First Responders Survey
Adam Pintar, NIST

Moderator: Arman Sabbaghi

10:30a – 12:00p

2A: Q&P Invited Session

Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study for Characterizing Variability

Lauren Wilson, Sandia National Laboratories

A Closed-Loop Machine Learning and Compensation Framework for Geometric Accuracy Control of 3D Printed Products

Arman Sabbaghi, Purdue University

Moderator: Lyndsay Shand

2B: New Designs

Optimal Designs with Axial Values

Cameron Wilden, BD

The State of Supersaturated Design and Analysis

Byran Smucker, Miami University

Moderator: Jiayi Lian

2C: Technometrics
Invited Session

Using BART to Perform Pareto Optimization and Quantify its Uncertainties
Akira Horiguchi, Duke University

Sensitivity Prewarping for Local Surrogate Modeling 
Nathan Wycoff, Georgetown University

Moderator: Roshan Joseph

12:15p – 1:45p Luncheon: Professor Raymond H. Myers Memorial Session

Douglas Montgomery, Arizona State University and William Myers, Procter and Gamble
Prospector 3 & 4

2:00p – 3:30p

3A: Analytics

Analytical Problem Solving
Based on Causal, Predictive and Deductive Models

Jeroen de Mast, University of Amsterdam

Data Analytics for Decision-Making
Joanne Wendelberger, LANL

Rob Goedhart

3B: DOE and AI

New Developments in Space Filling Designs
Christine Anderson-Cook, LANL and Lu Lu, Univ. of South Florida

Constructing the Large-scale Mixture Design with Application to the Evaluation of AI Algorithm
Jiayi Lian, Virginia Tech

Moderator: Adam Pintar

3C: Reliability

Debunking Stress Rupture Theories Using Weibull Regression Plots
Anne Driscoll, Virginia Tech

Spatially Correlated Time-to-Event Model for Titan GPU Failures Data Under Competing Risks
Jie Min, Virginia Tech

Moderator: Qinglong Tian

4:00p – 5:00p

W. J. Youden Address

Latin Squares, Youden Squares, Balanced Incomplete Block Designs (BIBDs) and Extensions for Industrial Application
Bradley Jones, JMP Statistical Discovery, LLC
Prospector 3 & 4

Moderator: Caleb King

At-a-Glance Schedule – Friday, October 14

Prospector 2

Prospector 1 Silver Mine B
8:00a – 9:30a

4A: STAT Invited Session

Covariate Software Vulnerability Discovery Model to Support Cybersecurity Test & Evaluation

Lance Fiondella, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Rethinking Software Fault Tolerance

Kishor Trivedi, Duke University

Moderator: Mindy Hotchkiss

4B: CPID Invited Session

D-optimal Mixture Designs for Ordinal Responses

Rong Pan, Arizona State University

Specifying Prior Distributions in Reliability Applications

Qinglong Tian, University of Waterloo

Moderator: Yili Hong

4C: Journal of Quality Technology Invited Session

Estimating Pure-Error from Near Replicates in Design of Experiments
Caleb King, JMP

Monitoring Proportions with Two Components of Common Cause Variation
Rob Goedhart, University of Amsterdam

Moderator: Allison Jones-Farmer

10:00a – 11:30a

5A: SPES Invited Session

Data Splitting
Roshan Joseph, Georgia Tech


Active Learning for Deep Gaussian Process Surrogates
Annie Sauer, Virginia Tech

Moderator: Jon Stallrich

5B: Response Surface Design & Optimization

Advances in Orthogonal Minimally Aliased Response Surface (OMARS) Designs: Designs with Two-Level Categorical Factors, with a Blocking Factor, and Strong OMARS Designs
José Núñez Ares, KU Leuven

Model Robust Response Surface Optimization for Mixed Quantitative and Qualitative Factors
Gautham Sunder, University of Minnesota

Moderator: Byran Smucker

5C: Quality Engineering Invited Session

Incorporating Uncertainty for Enhanced Leadership Scoring and Ranking in Data Competitions
Lu Lu, Univ. of South Florida and Christine Anderson-Cook, LANL

Understanding and Addressing Complexity in Problem Solving
Willis Jensen, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Moderator: David Edwards



News from ASA and Partnerships to Establish a System for Wastewater Epidemiology for Houston

Kathy Ensor, ASA President
Prospector 3 & 4

1:30p – 3:00p

6A: Statistical Engineering

Modeling Semiconductor Yield Using Statistical Engineering – A Case Study
Dana Krueger, Roadmap Research Global

Fleet Predictions Using Bayesian Multilevel Models: An Example using Targeting Pod Accuracy
Todd Remund, Northrop Grumman Space

Moderator: Willis Jensen

6B: Machine Learning & Optimization

Tuning Parameter Selection for Variable Selection via an R2 Metric
Jon Stallrich, North Carolina State University

Bayesian Optimization via Barrier Functions
Tony Pourmohamad, Genentech

Moderator: Jie Min


Applied vs Academic Approaches to Statistical Process Monitoring (SPM)
James Lucas, J. M. Lucas and Associates

A Consistent Data Model for Different Data Granularity in Control Charts
Scott Grimshaw, Brigham Young University

Moderator: Valeria Quevedo

3:15p – 5:15p

Reception, followed by SPES Special Session:

Innovations in Industry 4.0
Panelists: Arman Sabbaghi (Purdue University), Laura Freeman (Virginia Tech), Nathan Wycoff (Georgetown University), and Mindy Hotchkiss (Aerojet Rocketdyne)
Prospector 3 & 4

Moderator: Jon Stallrich

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